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Saturday, March 9, 2024

A Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances That Are Compact

It's simple to think that you can't have all the appliances you need if your living area is small.

This is untrue, though, as there are few appliances available that can assist you with food preparation, dishwashing, and effectively washing laundry.

We'll look at a few appliances in this quick tutorial that can be fitted in smaller homes to maximize the space available.

A Guide to Small Kitchen Appliances That Are Compact

Compact Ranges and Cooktops

Since a kitchen range combines two appliances into one, it's a popular option. They are therefore the perfect space saver for houses of any size.

A typical kitchen range is 30" wide and is available in both gas and electric versions. However, there are small gas ranges that only measure 24" and compact electric ranges that range in width from 20 to 24".

A two-burner gas cooktop or two-electronic cooktop is a better option if you want a dedicated cooktop over a range stove. The sizes of these cooktops vary from 12" to 21".

A Compact Wall Oven

Selecting a cooktop will require you to think about getting a separate oven, which might be challenging if your space is restricted.

A wall-mounted oven and microwave combo that combines two fantastic appliances into one might be the perfect answer.

This will protect the counter area and make it simple to access the oven. A compact wall oven can have a width of up to 27", however, there are even slimmer versions.

Compact Dishwasher

A dishwasher could appear like an unneeded luxury item or a waste of precious space in a tiny house.

However, a dishwasher's simplicity cannot be matched, and even a little unit can significantly improve your life. Typically, a compact dishwasher is 18" broad or thinner.

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