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Friday, January 5, 2024

How to Check a New Refrigerator's Size

Many consumers prioritize extra amenities when selecting a new refrigerator. However, the most fundamental requirement of the appliance's size and capacity for food storage is frequently disregarded. You will use your refrigerator for a considerable amount of time, and a modern refrigerator should last for about 13 years.

Choosing a refrigerator that satisfies all of your demands, both present and future, makes sense. We'll explore how to measure a new refrigerator for your kitchen in this post.

It's a good idea to look at our fundamental demands as food consumers as a starting point. The typical adult needs three to six cubic feet of refrigerator space.

Experts concur that a family of four would require a minimum of 20 cubic feet for food storage. Therefore, the main deciding element should be the number of people you need to feed, along with any future family members you may expect.

A fondness for frequent dinner parties, visits from extended relatives, and hosting big gatherings of guests are other factors to take into account, as they will raise the demand for additional refrigerator space.

Let's examine each home occupant's wants in greater detail.

How to Check a New Refrigerators Size

Sizes of Refrigerators

The following details the dimensions of common configurations that will help you put the refrigerators described above into context:

1. Refrigerators with French doors

Height: 67–70 inches

Breadth: 29½–36"

Depth: 29′′–34′′

2. Refrigerators with top freezer compartments

Height: between 61¾ and 66¼"

Breadth: 28¾ to 32¾"

Depth: around 34.5 inches

3. Refrigerators with bottom freezer compartments

Height: between 67 and 70"

Breadth: 29½ to 32¾"

The depth is roughly 33⅜".

4. Refrigerators that are side by side

Height: 65⅞ to 71¼"

Width: between 32.5 and 39.5 inches

Depth: 28¾ to 30¼"

1-2 Person

A larger refrigerator compartment is required if there is a top or bottom freezer compartment. You can increase refrigerator space without growing the footprint by selecting a smaller freezer. These are well-liked choices since their models are reasonably priced and include proven technology. Although the footprint of a side-by-side or French-door refrigerator is significantly larger, they offer additional storage space. Because of this, we advise 1-2 persons to use top and bottom freezer/refrigerator types.

3 to 4 People

For three to four individuals, all refrigerator/freezer combinations are appropriate. However, if you have a family of four, side-by-side or French-door vehicles are your best bet. This group of refrigerators is thought to have a mid-sized capacity.

5 or more people

French door or side-by-side refrigerators with greater footprints are usually classified as large-capacity refrigerators. For larger families who might want to buy their groceries in bulk to save time, they provide an abundance of storage space. About half of the area will be devoted to a freezer compartment, to which a chest freezer can be added as needed.

It's critical to understand your refrigerator's measurements to ensure that it fits in your kitchen. Measure the entryway to make sure it can fit through your home's main door before committing to buying. If the corners of subsequent entrances and hallways are excessively close together, it can be difficult to turn around and cause an obstruction. To ensure that the new appliance will fit, measure and double-check the potential refrigerator space. People with restricted mobility may find it difficult to reach freezer models that are positioned on the top or front of the house. An energy-efficient model is also something you should think about if you want to reduce your energy costs.

If you're considering upgrading your refrigerator, you may go through our selection of models online or, for a more individualized experience, consult a home appliance professional.

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