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Friday, September 8, 2023

How can I plant water lilies in my yard?

Every individual possesses a distinct fascination towards various types of plants and flowers. This is not surprising, given their captivating and diverse characteristics. One such variation is the ability of plants to grow both on land and in water.

The idea of having beautiful flowers floating in a pond in your garden is truly enchanting. Water lilies, in particular, are easy to cultivate and offer a magnificent and soothing sight. Therefore, let us delve into the process of growing them.

Location selection is the first and foremost step in growing water lilies. You may choose to create a small pond in your garden or use beautiful water containers to grow them indoors. It is crucial to ensure that they receive six to eight hours of sunlight.

Choosing the right container is essential for successfully growing aquatic plants. A container with a diameter of at least 16 to 18 inches and a depth of 10 to 12 inches is recommended. Drainage holes are optional.

Even aquatic plants require a substrate or soil to grow upon. Fill three-fourths of the container with clayey soil and slow-releasing fertilizers. Slow-releasing fertilizers release small amounts of nutrients at specific intervals, which nourish the plants and prevent fungal or microbial infestations. Add large stones and small pebbles, leaving some space for sowing seeds.

Lilies usually blossom during the spring season, making February and March the best time to plant them. After all the preparations, it is time to sow the seeds. You may use tubers or plantlets of lilies for this purpose.

If you use tubers, plant them with the pointy tip upwards and towards the center of the container at a 45-degree angle. Remove any old, thick roots or leaves from the tubers if present. If the container is too deep, plant the tubers in a small pot so that the tips remain near the surface.

As an aquatic plant, water is essential for lilies. After completing all the steps mentioned above, fill the container with water up to the brim. If the water in your area is hard, it is better to use filtered water as lilies do not survive in hard water.

How can I plant water lilies in my yard?

There are two types of lilies available: tropical and hardy. Hardy lilies are suitable for places where the temperature is freezing or too cold, such as in mountains. For the rest of the country, tropical lilies work best. They are available in amazingly attractive colors and can be found in local nurseries. When purchasing a lily, ensure that its crown is healthy and in good shape.

One of the major problems these plants encounter is mosquitoes. As water is stagnant, mosquitoes will breed in it. To avoid this, you may add some fishes (like guppies) in your small ponds or containers. You also need to add some fertilizers like DAP in an interval of 3 to 4 months if you are not using organic slow-releasing fertilizers.

Once you get used to seeing these beauties bloom and blossom, there is no turning back. They are super attractive and will make you feel happy and full of joy at the same time. Trust me, planting lilies will give you the best adrenaline rush as a plant parent.

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